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We have provided some general advice to support parents and carers while access to face to face groups and education settings aren’t available due to COVID-19.

Our free advice page will be regularly updated and more advice, ideas and tips will be added so please check back on our website.

We also provide general tips and advice on our Facebook page. Hope they are useful!

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General advice, strategies and tips:

  • Always gain your child’s full attention before speaking to them. Use their name to get their attention.
  • Be careful using terms like ‘everybody’ and ‘all’; your child may not realise these terms include them.
  • Children can find it difficult to follow long instructions  – keep instructions as simple and short as possible.
  • Emphasise the main words in a sentence, and use gestures to support what you’re saying.
  • Use written prompts/cue cards to help your child remember long or multi-part instructions.
  • Narrate activities – this will help your child to learn sentence structures and how to use vocabulary in everyday situations.
  • Encourage your child to communicate in any way to help get their message across to their communication partner – speech, gestures, signing, writing etc.
  • Slow down your rate of speech – this will reduce any pressure on your child to rush what they want to say.
  • Count to 5 in your head after asking your child a question – this will give them time to process what you’ve said and structure their response.
  • Be specific in your praise – eg, if they have used the correct grammatical term that you’ve been working on, or they give a concise response to a question.


Don’t worry if you forget to follow these strategies all the time – following just a few of them some of the time will be a help to your child!